BETA Club is open to 5th – 8th graders

New members will be invited after the first report cards are issued. Students who have a 3.0 grade average or above will receive an invitation to join.

The dues for new members are $40. This includes national dues and local dues. Old members dues are $25. All old members must also meet the grade criteria after the first report card to continue membership. 

Beta Club Mission Statement:

Beta Club promotes character, develops leadership skills, encourages service involvement, recognizes achievement, and provides technological advantages to students in grades 5 – 12.

Membership is a privilege and not a right. The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: (a) worthy, moral and ethical character, (b) good mentality, (c) creditable achievement, and (d) commendable attitude.

The motto of the National Beta Club is “Let Us Lead By Serving Others.” This motto, more than simply a catchy phrase, states the philosophy upon which the National Beta Club is based. Service to others is indeed one of the most important characteristics of Beta Club membership

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