A checklist of what your child should know before going to kindergarten

The kindergarten has changed dramatically over the past few years. Higher level skills are now taught in kindergarten.

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Holds scissors correctly and can cut on a straight or curved line
  • Holds a pencil or crayon correctly
  • Button shirts, pants, coats, and zip zippers
  • Know how to use a computer mouse
  • Tie your shoes (Students unable to tie shoes will need Velcro)

Academic Skills:

  • Recognizes shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • Identify/name alphabet letters (all uppercase letters and all lowercase letters when shown out of order)
  • Identify the beginning sound of some words
  • Can sort items by color, shape, and size
  • Understands concept words such as up, down, in, out, behind, over
  • Counts from 1-10
  • Can write the numbers 0-5 correctly
  • Recognize groups of one, two, three, four, and five objects
  • Recognizes colors (blue, green, red, orange, yellow, blac brown, purple, white, pink, gray)
  • Write his/her first name (first letter capital, rest of the letters lowercase)
  • Recognize his/her written name
  • Listen to stories without interrupting
  • Show understanding of general times of day

Social Skills:

  • Follow simple directions
  • Express feelings and needs
  • Pay attention for a period of time to adult-directed tasks
  • Understand actions have both causes and effects
  • Manage bathroom needs independently
  • Share with others
  • Follow rules
  • Be able to recognize authority
  • Control one-self
  • Separate from parents without being upset
  • Speak understandably
  • Talk in complete sentences of at least five to six words 

Personal Information:

  • Knows his/her full name
  • Knows how old he/she is and birthday
  • Knows his/her address and phone number
  • Knows his/her mother and father’s first names

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